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Introducing Wyatt’s Wellness World!

June 22nd, 2012

After almost a year of planning and with an amazing team effort, the Wyatt Leamon Foundation is proud to share with you a true labor of love. Introducing, a health portal allowing parents to not only learn the lessons taken from the loss of Wyatt “Pie Man” Leamon’s story, but helping them take the steps necessary to choose safe, natural alternatives.

Wyatt's Wellness World

Wyatt’s Wellness World, BETA site launches on June 22nd, 2012 in honor of the passing of Wyatt “Pie Man” Leamon 4 years ago due to an adverse reaction to Amoxicillin

Wyatt’s Wellness World serves mainstream parents who are concerned about the safety of modern-day medicine and offers a three step process for an alternative path. The first step is to learn more about natural, safe ways to help the body fight sickness and disease without the use of pharmaceuticals which can have harmful side effects. The second step is to apply that knowledge when choosing all-natural health products and supplements, assisting your family in boosting health and the immune system naturally. The third and final step is to seek a second opinion (and eventually a first) from an alternative, holistic provider who practices the art of natural healing for the body (unlike your doctor and pediatric doctors).

Wyatts Welness World will accomplish this goal via its “Wellness Wire”, a collection of articles educating the public about natural and alternative causes. Couple that with a robust product catalog of all natural vitamins and supplements for sale on the site (in which all net proceeds go back to the non-profit foundation) and a business directory offering Wyatt Leamon Foundation partnered holistic health services from all over the country, and you have a one-stop shop for the first line of defense against sickness and disease for your kids and family without having to worry about the harmful side-effects of modern medicines, “drug first, ask questions later” philosophy.

The website is now open to the public in beta format which means we’re still working out the kinks, loading content and products, and signing up new natural health providers every day. But during this time, we hope to see you checking out the site, offering feedback and advice, and supporting the mission of the WLF by sharing the link with everyone you can.

On the 4th anniversary of Wyatt’s death, as the pain and memory of his tragic loss fills our hearts, I’m so thankful for the help and support from our friends, family and business partners. Being able to help others while cherishing the memory of our little “Pie Man” is about as best a situation a parent could ask for in the face of such a terrible, preventable tragedy.

Once again thank you so much for your support and please tell everyone you know about Wyatts Welness World!

Wyatt’s World: How Wyatt’s Story is Related to our Food System

July 15th, 2011

For anyone who’s been following the WLF for a while, it’s obvious that we take issue with many of our major systems in this country, mainly those revolving around the health of our society and especially our children.  So I’d like to address some of them in a series of articles called “Wyatt’s World” which will periodically imagine a world in which Wyatt would still be here today.

So to do that, let’s take a step back and acknowledge one, very simple fact that is not debatable.  Wyatt did not have to die.

Wyatt "Pie Man" Leamon

Wyatt "Pie Man" Leamon

Wyatt was a happy healthy little boy when he had his adverse reaction to Amoxicillin and while this specific deadly reaction tends to be more rare,  this type of needless tragedy is definitely not isolated.  There are hundreds of thousands of cases just like his all over the country (check out this article from 2003 which documents the death toll from hospital failures) which logically leads me to believe that these systems are failing us.  Its’ fairly obvious that Wyatt is one of these same statistics for 2008 due to the failures of our healthcare system including the drug industry, our Pediatrician, our insurance system and our hospital system failed us miserably.  Even we as parents are to blame for blindly following the status quo (which I vow will never happen again).

And it’s not that far of a jump from what happened to us, to what is happening to our food system as well.  I will never forget when I sat down and watched “Food, Inc.” for the first time, a must view documentary on several aspects of our food system.  One of the segments that hit home for us was the segment about the family who had lost their 2-year old son to E.Coli just from eating a hamburger.  The movie points out that the strain of E.Coli that killed the young boy was a strain of E.Coli that comes directly from our industrialized food system.

It touched on several additional aspects of our food system including:

  • Food, Inc. Movie Poster

    Food, Inc. Movie Poster

    How Monsanto is suing farmers for growing their seed when their patented Genetically Modified Seed blows into that farmer’s field without their knowledge (yes, this is happening in America).  Not to mention the whole reason for the GMO seed is so the companies can spray more and more pesticides and weed killers on your food (and guess who sells the chemicals?  Yep, Monsanto!).

  • How the industrialized food system is the number one employer of illegal immigrants in this country, even advertising jobs in Mexico only to have our government crackdown on the workers, not the companies.  So by turning a blind-eye to this, the very same public who get so up-in-arms about the illegal immigration issue are essentially funding the problem by their food choices!
  • How terrible the conditions are for the animals including standing in their own feces, never seeing daylight, being so pumped full of growth hormones that they can’t even walk, etc.
  • Additional segments include information on the food-related government bodies, laws and politics (for instance, did you know the food industry has special slander laws they can sue you for?  It’s true!  Ask Oprah Winfrey!).  There’s also stuff about organic farms, how you can make a difference by “voting” with your wallet, etc.

Food, Inc. truly changed my entire outlook on how I viewed our food system and it’s just one of many sources that opened my eyes to the issue of antibiotics in the animals we eat.  Given that an allergic reaction to an antibiotic killed my son, the issue of antibiotics in our food supply is definitely something the WLF takes offense to.  The food industry has no government regulations against using antibiotics for animals and the headlines are starting to reveal signs of a very misguided policy indeed with the rise of Superbugs that are immune to the use of antibiotics.

I can only imagine what the world would look like if we hadn’t been ignorant to the ideas presented in Food, Inc. and other natural, holistic methods of healthcare.  It would be a world where Wyatt  would’ve been eating organic, healthy foods as soon as he was done breastfeeding.  His immune system would’ve been stronger, and the cold that led to his ear infection would’ve been fought off naturally without needing a prescription, perhaps from the help of his Chiropractor.  It would be a world where “Superbugs” would be the title of some cheesy B-movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and the idea of E.Coli outbreaks would be completely unheard of.  It would also be a world where a farmer could not be sued by a corporation for patenting the gene of a plant that has inadvertantly blown onto his farm.  Where he could provide natural, chemical and drug-free food from plants and animals treated ethically, without fear of government or corporate retaliation.

That’s the world I’d like to start seeing today, how about you?



Food, Inc. Official Movie Website (and rent or stream the movie on Netflix (

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