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Introducing “Trisha’s Promise”, a WLF Original Health Series

July 6th, 2011

I’m proud to introduce a new segment on the WLF blog called “Trisha’s Promise”, a series of articles written from my wife (Wyatt’s mom) Trisha who will chronicle her journey to better health for both her and her family.  This will be a very intimate look into how Trisha delivers on her promise to friends and family at Wyatt’s funeral service to better her health so as to never feel as helpless as she felt in the hospital when Wyatt’s doctors nearly refused to consider her as a liver donor to save her sons life due to her weight.

While the exact content of this blog is unplanned and will unfold in real-time, I think you can expect to find the ups-and-downs of an average stay-at-home mom attempting to improve her health using what we’ve learned since Wyatt passed away which includes emphasis on healthy foods, exercise, preventative care and more.    It’s taken several years since Wyatt’s passing for Trisha to find the right time to move forward with her promise but we’re happy and excited that the time has come and we could share this journey with our WLF family.

So stay tuned for Trisha’s first entry of the “Trisha’s Promise” series of articles and we invite you to join us on the journey via Facebook and/or Twitter.