Wellness Program

The Wyatt Leamon Foundation was built on the lessons found in Wyatt’s story.  Using these lessons, the WLF hopes to connect parents and patients with wellness providers to help them explore natural alternatives to medicine where applicable in their lives.  At the same time, our program offers wellness providers a means to enhance their message utilizing Wyatt’s story to provide impact toward their marketing efforts while at the same time providing new and existing patients with further knowledge and understanding about the important issues surrounding Wyatt and his story.  While not always easy, we believe Wyatt’s story can help bridge the gap between mainstream “healthcare” and natural, wellness care.

If you are a Wellness Provider and want to enhance your message by utilizing Wyatt’s Story, you can do so in three easy steps:

  1. Use our materials to help craft your message (see downloads below)
  2. Offer customers a free, compelling service in exchange for a donation to the WLF (any amount accepted)
  3. Take Wyatt’s Story and your message to your community!

The following links will help you spread the message with more materials on the way!