Speaking Engagements

The Wyatt Leamon Foundation is dedicated to spreading Wyatt’s story and helping people understand the lessons and dangers the Leamon family discovered when they lost their son.  To do this, either or both of Wyatt’s parents are willing to tell their story to your audience.  Whether you’re speaking at a seminar, host a radio or TV show, or have a private group function, Corey and Trisha Leamon can be booked to speak at your engagement.  Here’s what it takes to book Corey and or Trisha:

  1. Contact the WLF to let Corey and Trisha know the date, location and venue
  2. Should Corey or Trisha (or both) accept the invitation, they would require travel, boarding and meals paid for
  3. While they will not accept a speaking fee, a donation of any amount to the WLF would be appreciated (but not required)

If the WLF and Wyatt’s Story can make an impact to your audience, please let us know, we look forward to hearing from you!