Wyatt’s Story

In May of 2008, Wyatt Reese Leamon, aka “Pie Man” was a happy, healthy baby with a loving family and an adoring older brother. That all changed when a standard ear infection prompted doctors to prescribe Wyatt a common antibiotic called “Amoxicillin”. 

On May 22nd, 2008, he was admitted to Rady’s Childrens Hospital in San Diego, California, for what appeared to be a nasty rash.

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Wyatt’s Story – Full Version

Wyatt’s Story: A Father’s Retelling of How the Health System and one of our Nations Best Hospitals Failed a 9 Month Old in Need of a Liver Transplant chronicles the journey of Wyatt Reese Leamon who fought liver disease for a month while waiting for a liver transplant only to succumb the morning of his life-saving procedure. How this could’ve happened is at the heart of the story with full accounting and description of the observations made by Wyatt’s family during the struggle and written in complete, raw detail by Wyatt’s father just days after witnessing his son’s passing.

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Wyatt’s Leamonade Stand

This was an on-going photo album taken mainly with cell phones as the family experienced the tragic events which led to Wyatt’s passing. While these photos can be graphic and heart-breaking, the family hopes they will help others recognize similar symptoms in their own children should an atuoimmune or viral-related attack on the liver take place..

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