Slice of Life with Pie Man

When Wyatt passed away, his parents were haunted by the terrible, tragic memories of the hospital experience and Wyatt’s dad was determined to find a way to remember their little “Pie Man” outside of the tragic circumstances of his death.  The result was his 30 minute film titled “Slice of Life with Pie Man” which debuted to friends and family on June 22nd, 2009, one year after his death.

The film explores how Wyatt “Pie Man” Leamon touched the lives of his family for such a wonderful, yet brief “slice” of time. It follows the journey of the family as they reflect on the life of their little boy while also telling the story for how the family attempts “The Climb” back from such a tragic loss.

Wyatt’s family watches this film every year on the anniversary of his death (June 22) and invites you to join them in remembering their little boy.


Slice of Life with Pie Man from Corey Leamon on Vimeo.