Remembering Pie Man

Wyatt Leamon, aka “Pie Man” was born on September 2nd, 2007 in San Diego, CA. He was a healthy baby boy at 8 pounds 2 ounces when he was delivered to Corey and Trisha Leamon and the day his brother Parker met him was the day that these two boys began a wonderful bond.

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His smile and laughter was infectious and as he got older, he could always make one smile with his patented tongue stick out.

Tragically, Wyatt’s light burned out prematurely and in June of 2008, he passed away due to acute liver failure caused by an adverse drug reaction to Amoxicillin in conjunction with a lack of available organs as well as an unimaginable failure on the part of the medical system that was supposed to help him.

The Origin of “Pie Man”

Pie Man Sticks His Toungue OutWyatt was named after the legendary western figure Wyatt Earp. When his mother went into labor on September 2, 2007, the doctors saw that he had wrapped his umbilical cord around his neck 3 times which made for a very dramatic birth. Just passed noon he was delivered and while his father had wanted to name him Wyatt from day one, his mother finally agreed after noticing that he “weilded his umbilical cord like a lasso!”

With his heart set on Wyatt as a name early on, his father already had a wonderful nickname ready for him. Being the tech geek that he is, he began calling him “Wi Fi” almost immediately. But when Wyatt’s 2-year old brother Parker was asked about his name, Parker could not pronounced “Wi Fi”. So instead, he said: “Pie Pie”.

Shortly after, Wyatt’s mom started calling him “Pie Man” and he became known as Pie Man and the name stuck. He became the family’s little “Pie Man” and when he passed, the family used a favorite song called “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) by the Dixie Chicks in his video dedication (this song was also used in Wyatt’s first video as a newborn who was just a day old). The main lyric of the chorus is: “Godspeed, Little Man, Sweet Dreams, Little Man.” It was not a far stretch that the family made to coin the phrase “Godspeed Little Pie Man” as a way to remember and cherish their son.