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Are you an organ donor? Do you know what it means to “donate” an organ? If not, then this page is a great start.  The Leamon family didn’t know much about it before losing their 9-month-old baby Wyatt to liver failure. They didn’t know what it took, nor had they signed-up to be organ donors. In fact, Wyatt’s mom will tell you that for a long time, she  thought it was “kinda creepy”.

Wyatt’s Story

If you’re reading this now, you’re probably familiar with the story of Wyatt “Pie Man” Leamon. The happy, healthy boy was 9-months-old when he passed away due to complications from acute liver failure (brought on by an adverse drug reaction to Amoxicillin prescribed for an ear infection).

If you’re here to learn more about the medical side of organ donation, there are tons of resources online available to learn more about the process. We’ve highlighted these websites below. This article will focus more on the very personal issues experienced by Wyatt’s family during his time spent on the organ donor list and the reasons why it failed him… costing him his life.

1. The transplant waiting list far exceeds the available donors

There were so many issues involved in the passing of Wyatt. Adverse drug reaction, hospital failures, economic and insurance corruption, even a healthcare system that simply doesn’t care whether a 9-month-old would live or die. For this, you’ll have to determine your own opinion after fully comprehending Wyatt’s Story.

That being said, and to the credit of the hospitals and healthcare professionals who cared for Wyatt, they have been unwillingly put into the difficult position of manipulating who lives, and who dies by… you. Yes, you. And Wyatt’s family was just as guilty before his loss. You see, the waiting list for organ transplants far exceeds the donors who are available to help. And we’re not talking about live donors here. We’re talking about people who’ve met an unfortunate and untimely death, but simply didn’t take a moment to consider that if they were to die, they might be able to save another life. I’m talking about people who have not signed up to be an organ donor should they be declared brain dead in the case of the ultimate finality.

The simple fact of the matter is, if every person in the hospital system who, no matter the circumstance, were lost and had chosen to be an organ donor, there would be no waiting list. It’s because only a fraction of us take the time to give the gift of life and that means hundreds of thousands wait wondering when, if ever, they will get a chance to live.

2. Babies and Children are waiting for available organs

So you’re probably thinking. “Okay, I get it, people are waiting for transplants, but kids get top priority right?” Unfortunately, your age does not guarantee an immediate transplant. Wyatt was 9-months-old and was in clear liver failure. His numbers would only stabilize when he was given blood transfusions. But no matter what, they always reverted back to the same dire straits… he needed a liver transplant. And while his age gave him a high-priority, he was put into a class of other high-priority patients. Other babies and children who needed a transplant as much as he did. When the Leamon family was in the hospital with Wyatt, there was an entire unit of babies and children who were awaiting transplants for various reasons. In fact, Wyatt had a potential transplant delayed because another baby girl who was in supposedly “worse” shape than Wyatt was given the liver he was in line for. That decision made by his doctors was just one of many that sealed his fate. Wyatt never received a chance due to this and other factors that kept him out of the operating room.

3. Being an organ donor takes five minutes

There are three things you need to do to become an organ donor and give the gift of life to someone, even a baby, who may need that life-saving transplant in the case of you or your children’s untimely demise (which we understand no one wants to acknowledge, but it happens every day).

Organ Donation

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