WLF Family

The Wyatt Leamon Foundation is currently run by Wyatt’s parents Corey and Trisha. Read on to meet the family who has promised to continue to tell Wyatt’s story in hopes of helping others

Corey Leamon

President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer
Corey Leamon has worked in the software and internet space for over 15 years as a user-interface designer, programmer and entrepreneur.  He has completed projects for some of the world’s largest brands and media companies including Coca-Cola, Intel, 20th Century Fox, NBC-Universal, UFC, NBA and the NFL.

In addition to his large portfolio of projects, Mr. Leamon has started, grown and sold two successful businesses; managed design and development teams; and worked with teams across the globe in countries such as Japan, England and India.

In 2008, he took time off to care for his son Wyatt who tragically passed away at 9-months-old due to an adverse drug reaction.  He has made it his mission to ensure that Wyatt’s story is told to all who will listen in hopes of educating parents on how they can reduce their children’s exposure to the harmful side-effects of prescription medications as well as raise awareness for the importance of organ donation.

Mr. Leamon currently works full-time and holds the title of “Product Design Lead” at Sony Network Entertainment and gives approximately 5 to 10 hours per week of his time to this venture.


Trisha Leamon

Before becoming a full-time mother in 2005, Trisha Leamon worked as a regional Account Manager for Remedy Staffing in San Diego, CA.  Her emphasis was in sales, customer service and client communications.

In 2008, she spent 30 grueling days grinding through our hospital and healthcare system to care for her son Wyatt who tragically passed away at 9-months-old due to an adverse drug reaction.  She held her little boy in her arms as he passed away and has since dedicated herself to helping other mothers understand the dangers of prescription drugs and the importance of organ donation.

Mrs. Leamon currently continues her role of full-time mom to Wyatt’s brothers Parker and twins Warren and Morgan.  She currently gives approximately 3 to 5 hours per week to this venture.